This is another sheet Alex gave me along with Bublinchki. I had not heard of this particular Straus Waltz and was anxious to play it. I thought maybe it could work as for our German band. I played through it on accordion first. It had strange lyrics and I later found out someone wrote some English lyrics over it for this edition. I could not find a recording by Henry Busse (pictured on the cover) anywhere online. So I looked up orchestral versions and found out it's part of a longer piece. This version is in C and has 3 sections. Like many old waltzes, the original is really long and has lots of sections. I found the original was in E-flat and found a piano score on I started adapting it to accordion and it was working out ok. I figured I would probably use the same sections as this edition of sheet music to keep it more consise for our purpose. A few weeks later I searched more on youtube and actually found a German band version! I didn't know it had been done this way. So I thought I would emulate that and made my own reduced version out of the piano score and had fun playing along with this version by Die Tiroler Blasmusikanten by ear. I wanted to ge their CD but couldn't find it online, I might have to settle for an itunes download.

Johann Strauss II - Wein, Weib und Gesang - Walzer, Op. 333