Kurt brought this very famous waltz to the band some time ago and recently brought up trying it again. It's the waltz from Die Fledermaus, an Operatta by Straus. I got a CD of the opera last week. Listened to the first CD a few times, no sign of that tune yet. On the 2nd CD now. Besides it's prominent placement in the overture, this tune pops up on track 8 of disc two. We did analyzed the score and listened to some recordings to get the chords right, etc. We worked out a pretty cool arrangement but we also noted that it is pretty short, so added in a couple repeats.

At one point I was searching around on youtube and typed in Fleredmaus accordion and found a cool arranangement that had this theme plus several others. I recognized one of the songs as an excercise in Palmer Hughes book 3! This is part of the reason I wanted to listen to the whole opera, to see if these themes came from other songs within it, and the do. I have not transcribed it yet. Not sure if we want to do the medley, will probably just refine our arrangement.

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