I worked on this tune today because I'm pretty sure we will be playing it Friday as part of a live stream dance event we are doing. We usually only play it for the ballroom dancers. I don't want to just read it but really know it. It will be more fun and also a better performance that way. And since I have played it and heard it many times it shouldn't be too hard to do. Just need to spend some time with it, which I did today. I listened to several versions but locked in on the Brave Combo version. They play it fairly straight and since it has a tenor sax lead it is perfect. They follow the form pretty much like the lead sheet we have with a couple exceptions. I think the second 8 bars of the lead sheet aren't even right, it's more of a harmony part. I looked at the original music to confirm this. On the brave combo version he plays a couple different variations during the second 8 bard of the A section, which I liked. He also changes up some of the rhythms throughout. They extended the trio by repeated the last 8 bars up an octave. They end the phrases a little differently, just hanging on the V. I like that too but don't expect the band to pick up on it without rehearsing it. In any case, I have it more internalived now and plan to go over it each day this week. Fun classic tango!

Update 12-8-20

Got the set list and we are not doing La Cumparsita. Oh, I'm glad I worked it out because now I have it! We are doing Kiss of Fire and Whatever Lola Wants. Those two I already know pretty well. I practiced Kiss of Fire early this year by ear. I played it yesterday and retained it well. And Whatever Lola Wants I already had learned by ear and we used to play that fairly regularly.